Tick Tick Tick!

We had a DBI executive’s meeting a couple nights ago and spent some time wrestling with the many details of the Festival and just how to delegate on-the-ground responsibilities. This has been a remarkable experience to be a part of, just to see how something like this gets off the ground. We have been lucky to have some very experienced members of the dragon boat community helping us, so we aren’t completely stumbling in the dark. We also have some very smart and organized Israelis working with us.

However, the dragon boaters don’t know anything about Israel and the Israelis don’t know anything about dragon boat racing, so there’s still a lot of flailing around to be done. I have full confidence that it will all be hammered out before we leave.

One of the questions was how to set apart those of us who are familiar with all aspects of the Festival during the event itself, so that if there is any sort of problem people can identify us easily. One of the executive, Lisa, suggested wearing tiaras. As I have mentioned before, the executive is a group of smart, accomplished women – doctors, entrepreneurs and businesswomen. I love the idea of everyone in tiaras, especially as I have already been calling myself Queen of Communications. I am the furthest thing from a girly girl you can imagine, but I still like the idea of a tiara. When Lisa suggested it, this scene from the Big Bang Theory immediately came to mind:


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