Meet our photographers

We are very lucky at DBI to be bringing three photographers with us from Ottawa to Israel to capture all the fun and action of the Festival. All three of them will actually be touring around the country on the same tour I am on, so I should be able to post pretty awesome photos as we go. I like to play at photography and sometimes luck into some nice shots, but nothing like these guys get.

Dan Greenberg will tell you he just plays at photography too, but he plays a lot harder than I do, because he takes some amazing photos. He doesn’t have a web page, so you’ll just have to take my word on this for now.

The other two guys have web pages, though. Jamie Johnson is here. You will see that he has a wide variety of interests, but action photography is probably his favourite, which will come in handy at DBI.

Peter Waiser has some of his photos up here. If you live in Ottawa and are Jewish, you have likely seen Peter’s work, because he covers many community events. Peter and I have been to Israel together before. He’s probably happy that Dan and Jamie are coming along this time, because that way I’ll only pester him 1/3 as much for photography advice as last time. I can now annoy the other two as well.

Israel is a gorgeous country – ancient cobblestone streets, beautiful bright colours in the markets, lush green hillsides in the Galilee. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get great photos, so be sure to bring your camera and a very big memory card.

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