The Donations Race

There is less that one month left until the DBI Festival, and even less than that before hundreds of dragon boat racers descend on Israel for pre-Festival tours. Things are getting busy!

Dragon boat festivals are not only for fun and sport and drawing tourists to an area, I learned when I started helping out DBI. They are also used as fundraisers. The executive chose two charities for this year (you can learn more about them here).

I admit that I was a bit concerned about the fundraising part. Half the people paddling at this Festival are traveling a great distance, mostly from Canada. Could we really convince them to add trying to get charity donations on top of the effort and expense of going to Israel?

The experienced dragon boat racers on the executive (that would be everyone but me) had me put a graphic of little dragon boats racing across the screen on the website to let people watch the donations race. A couple of months ago, it looked like this:

What if no one else donated, and it looked like this the whole time? I’m not kidding. I was prepared for that. Especially when, a month later, we were still under about $2000. But we decided not to stress about fundraising this year. Let’s just get the Festival established, the executive decided, and we’d focus more on fundraising next year.

But then the money started to trickle in. Then the trickle became a downpour. This is what the board looked like two days ago:

I don’t know how anyone else feels about this graphic, if it really has any effect, but I find watching the fundraising race really exciting. Why is it so much more fun to watch the little dragons that if I just listed the top 5 totals on the site? I have no idea.

We have another month left. We plan to accept donations right up to the last moment. I wonder if we can double that total?

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