We are here!

‘Here’ is kind of all over the place, though, if you are a member of the Adventure Israel tour. Several people came early, and headed off this morning on a flight to Eilat with our intrepid leader #1, Rony. Most of the others were due in today to then head off on a bus to Eilat with intrepid leader #2, Mitchell. The airport in Eilat decided to close for half a day, hence the bus (and a 6-hour ride). But as we drove to meet the second group, we discovered that several people missed a connecting flight and are not yet here. So, right now, a large handful of us are en route to Eilat, with the rest to follow.

Here are the important photos – breakfast! I told you the Israeli hotel breakfasts are impressive:

That’s only one small part! And it comes with a view of the Tel Aviv beach:

As we waited for the rest of the group to arrive, Mitchell and I went to visit the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. It’s built around the archeological excavation of Tel Qasile, which was Israel’s first archeological dig, starting in 1949. There’s much more to it now, with exhibits ranging from a history of glass to postal history to a planetarium. Being a history geek, I went for the really old stuff – glass, coins and pottery.

The museum is really interesting and holds incredible items, but it was pretty much deserted. We only ended up there because our tour guide friend told us it is an under-appreciated place. Given that it was fascinating and empty, he proved to be correct.

Every time I have visited Israel, I have been on trips with tour guides. This was the first place I’ve visited in Israel without one. I figured it’s a museum – it isn’t like  we need a guide in a museum. But I really missed having one. I had many questions that the information in the exhibit didn’t answer, and there was no one to tell me what I wanted to know! Mitchell offered to just make stuff up, but he was too slow and couldn’t pull it off. A good guide is like a walking Israel wiki.

Here, just because it is interesting, is a re-built olive press:

We are now on the road to Eilat, having stopped at a small mall for dinner (shawarma, of course!)

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