Fun on the sea

While a few tour stragglers were making their way to Eilat, the rest of us headed off on our first adventure – a boat trip to go snorkelling and scuba diving. We boated down the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea to a spot  where we could see land from four countries – Jordan and Saudia Arabia on our left, and Egypt and Israel on our right. What it looked like was this: brown mountains and blue water. Actually, here’s a picture of Israel and Jordan. Guess where the border is?

Several intrepid members of the tour tried scuba diving for the first time. Here they are, playing close attention to the instructions. They went on something called a guided dive, meaning they were holding an instructor’s hand the entire time, after learning some basics.

Almost ready!

A number of others headed to the shore with a snorkel and fins to see the beautiful fish and coral of the area. After all the work, we were treated to a lunch cooked on a BBQ hanging on the side of the boat.

Then, as we headed back, there was much adventurous lying around, enjoying the sun and breeze.

On the way, we passed by Dolphin Reef, a dolphin sanctuary where the dolphins hang out (entirely voluntarily) with people swimming there, and the boat slowed down so we could watch them playing.

We also saw many kite surfers. This sport looks like tons of fun and I want to try it! Barring that, I took many many photos because I liked the contrast between the brown desert mountains and the colourful kites. I’ll only subject you to two. Tomorrow, we are off to Petra!

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