Photos, photos and more photos

Today is going to be a quiet day, as we fly back to Tel Aviv and then travel by bus on to Jerusalem. I wanted to mention a couple of things, though.

One, we are unfortunately saying good-bye to Jamie Johnson, one of our official DBI photographers. Jamie’s father-in-law passed away and so he is flying back to Canada today. We are sorry he is leaving, both because of the sad circumstances and because we on the Adventure Tour are all going to miss his presence. He has been a great travel companion and hopefully, he will be back next year!

Two, we have a lot more photos than I think I should put up here, but I am going to start putting them up on Facebook, so you can head over to DBI’s Facebook page if you want to see more. For example, fellow Adventurer Paul Bodnoff gave me the beautiful underwater photos he took while scuba diving, so you can see what our snorkelers and scuba divers got to see. You can also pop over to the Federation’s blog to see photos and updates. There’s a great photo of our group at Petra, by Dan Greenberg.

Underwater photo, by Paul Bodnoff.

Another Petra picture!

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