We made it to Jerusalem

Today, we headed straight for the airport in Eilat to fly to Tel Aviv. Then off to the buses in Tel Aviv to drive to Jerusalem. We loaded onto the buses, then realized that our cruel leaders wouldn’t be allowing us a bathroom break until Jerusalem, so we all trooped back to the airport, amid much grumbling. And then it was back to the buses once again, and off to Jerusalem.

Once there, we had a free afternoon and evening after settling into our hotels. We all kept running into each other, though. As Mitchell and I walked through the Mamila mall, we saw a cool walkway with cafe tables. As we admired the feature, the people up there began waving and we realized it was Phil, Linnie and Phil (there are about 5 Phils in our group).

We headed into the Old City and decided to go to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, running into not only other tour members, but also the Eh Team, touring through with their guide. I took a lot of photos, but I’ll save them for Facebook, since I’ve already gone on about the Church before. Here’s the ceiling, though, just because I got a good photo.

Plus, more cool ancient graffiti. Plus, I noticed notes stuff in the cracks. I didn’t know they did that there.

These soldiers look awfully darn young. And have really big guns.

And, finally, a photo from yesterday that I liked, but forgot to add, of what it looked like as we returned to Israel from Jordan:

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