Exploring Jerusalem on Saturday

Today, the Adventurerers headed back to the Old City for a walking tour through the Jewish quarter and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, then had the afternoon free to continue to explore on our own.

This means more Holy Sepulchre pictures! It has such remarkable atmosphere.

Actually, the whole Old City has great atmosphere. As you walk along the streets, shopkeeper after shopkeeper tries to lure you into their store, and you have to learn to ignore them completely – an odd experience for normally polite Canadians. I’m very good at it now, but one guy did catch my attention yesterday by saying, “Hey lady – come into my store so I can try to rip you off!” I was so surprised I stopped and looked at him, and he said, “Do I get points for honesty?” He did, but I still didn’t buy anything from him.

Lunch was at a rooftop restaurant with a great view – and great shawarma!

I visited the Israel Museum as well today. It has the Dead Sea scrolls and many impressive exhibits, but the primary attraction for me this time was the new (to the museum, anyway) replication of second Temple Jerusalem, which is remarkable. I found this especially interesting after visiting the Davidson Center yesterday.

This is a recreation of the Temple Mount. See the little red flag on the wall between the two bridges? That’s where the Western Wall is.

Here’s a closer photo:

If you look at the post below at the photo of the stones of the wall, you’ll see a small protuberance on the left of the photo, called Robinson’s Arch. That is what is left of the bridge on the right of this photo.

There are more photos on Facebook!

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