Exploring the Golan Heights

It was another busy day here for the Adventurerers! We started off the morning with an ATV tour – 4 people per ATV, so those of us who brought driver’s licences actually got to drive. It was bumpy and dusty  and we all came back covered in grime, but it was great fun.

We saw incredible views as we toured orchards and saw the variety of foods they produce –  grapes, apples, cherries, olives, almonds – the list goes on and on.

We also buzzed by the UN post between Syria and Israel. Our tour leader (who could talk to everyone through a sound system in the ATVs) told us the soldiers don’t much like that, but this guy didn’t seem to mind so much.

We stopped at a spot overlooking the UN post and Syria, and were served tea while our tour guide, Itzik, told us about the Yom Kippur war and how Syria tanks came over the border at that very spot. The peaceful and beautiful view was a stark contrast to his description of war waged right where we were standing.

Our next stop was the Yarden Winery, where we had a tour and wine tasting. Israeli wines are becoming increasingly successful and gaining a reputation for quality and, based on the amount of wine purchased at the shop, those on the  tour agreed.

Liba waits for the wine.

Our final stop was a hike in the Banias. It’s a big place, so we only got to experience a small portion, walking down in between cliffs to see a beautiful waterfall. My camera wasn’t up the challenge of good waterfall photos, so you’ll have to wait for Dan’s photos on Facebook, but here’s a photo of our intrepid leader #1, Rony, in front of it:

Wednesday, we travel to the Festival site. With all this activity, I hope everyone isn’t too worn out to paddle!

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