Last day!

The Adventurerers had their last day of touring on Thursday, before heading to Lake Kinneret for the Dragon Boat Israel. But just because it was the last day, doesn’t mean we slowed down at all.

We started at Kibbutz Misgav Am, where  a long-time resident named Josef told us a bit about the history of the kibbutz and what it is like living right on the border with Lebanon. We were on an overlook that gave us an amazing view of the whole area. He told us about how the neighbouring town in Lebanon, right below, really is their neighbour in every sense of the word and that they used to be able to travel back and forth to each other. Eventually, attacks from Lebanon barred them from each other. He then said that, when the Israeli army moved into Lebanon during the war in 1982, the first thing they did was go to visit each other’s towns and see their friends again.

As with the day before, when we were near the Syrian border, we listened to descriptions of war and violence while overlooking gorgeous, quiet valleys. It was hard to hear, but Josef was very gracious in answering all our questions.

From there, we headed to Korchik School in Kiryat Shemona, where 20 young adults from Ottawa have been working all week on their Social Action Mission, before coming to DBI. You can read more about what they did on the Ottawa Federation’s blog. We got to see a bit of what the Canadians were working on and listen to a concert performed by the school children. Several couples on our tour had adult children on the Social Action Mission, so they were delighted to get to see each other again and talk about their experiences here in Israel.

Finally, the adventure part of our day was a 2-hour raft ride down the Jordan River. There were 3 to 5 people in each boat. We discovered that sometimes, when you put dragon boaters in a boat even when it isn’t a dragon boat, they can get a little competitive. Three of the boats raced wildly down the river, splashing each other and trying to use boats from other tours to block their competitors. It was all great fun, and they only realized at the end that they could have just kicked back and relaxed the way those in other boats did, and saved their arm strength for the actual competition on Thursday. But it was so much fun it was worth it. Tour leader Sharon Finn said afterwards that the motto for our trip should be “That was the best day ever,” because we’ve found ourselves saying that every single time.

Fighting for 2nd and 3rd place while the 1st boat (us) gets by them.

Now we are passed by the Finns and Nymarks as we get stuck.

These guys may not be first, but they arrive rested and relaxed after a leisurely ride down the river, so who’s the real winner?

Next stop, DBI!

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