Photographs for you

Those of you who are checking out our Facebook page regularly have seen that we are posting a lot of photographs there. We were lucky enough to have a number of talented photographers helping us out (they all did so on a volunteer basis, for which we are very grateful).

They have generously offered to allow you to download any photos you like, but if you post them anywhere else, please just give DBI and the photographer the credit. Most of the photos are low resolution, however. They look great on your computer, but if you want to print them, you will need a higher resolution version.  The photographers are also happy to provide those too.

by Jamie Johnson

If you would like to see Jamie Johnson’s photos, go here to his web page. Jamie, unfortunately, had to leave the Israel before the Festival itself, but he took many gorgeous photos in his short time in Israel, primarily of Jerusalem and Eilat. Contact Jamie directly if you want larger versions of any of them.

by Dan Greenberg

Dan Greenberg’s photos can be found on our Facebook page in a variety of albums, all identified by his watermark. Contact Dan Greenberg directly for high res photos.

by Ehud Melamed

You can see Israeli photographer Ehud Melamed’s photos on his Facebook page, and contact him for high resolution versions.

by Peter Waiser

Peter Waiser’s photos can also be found on our Facebook page, but since I have many of his in the high resolution versions, you can just contact me for those. Israeli photographer Yaron Eini’s photos are also on our Facebook page. You can see his other photos on his web page and his Facebook page, but for any DBI photos, again contact me (either through the button at the upper right of this page, or by sending a message through the DBI web page).

Oh, and if the photo isn’t identified or is by Nicola Hamer – me – also contact me.

by Yaron Eini

 That’s not complicated at all, is it?

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